A Guide on Evaluation Parameters for an effective Threat Intelligence Solution

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Published on
Thursday, May 23, 2024
Updated on
May 23, 2024

In an era where cyber threats are not just evolving but becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for robust cyber security mechanisms cannot be overstated. The foundation of a resilient security posture lies in the ability to not only understand and monitor one's own digital footprint but also to anticipate and react to potential threats before they materialize into breaches. This document aims to shed light on the critical importance of integrating an advanced Attack Surface and Infrastructure Monitoring solution alongside a comprehensive Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform

As we navigate the complexities of the cyber landscape, the selection of these solutions emerges as a pivotal strategy for safeguarding our digital assets and ensuring operational continuity. 

But how does one know which is an effective solution and which is not? What parameters should a security team evaluate solutions on? This document tries to answer this ever-important question by looking at objective parameters by which to measure these solutions - so that the organization gets real-time comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Key Features to look for in a Digital Risk Protection Platform

The future is AI: A Digital Risk Protection platform needs to be built with AI/ML at the core from the ground up. There’s an immense amount of data on threats, it’s impossible to sift through all of them. AI/ML are able to quickly go through them and provides meaningful context to each of them to see whether they’re relevant or not.

Custom Dashboards

Custom Dashboards: Your Data, Your Way: Data presentation should be dynamic and can be presented in more than one meaningful way. 

Unlimited Access: Multiuser, Multitenancy: Business is dynamic and cybersecurity is relevant to multiple teams and functions. So, threat intelligence platforms should have multitenancy from the ground up and feature unlimited number of users.

Advanced Filtering: See What Matters: A Threat Intelligence platform should have preset template filters to begin with, based on popular use cases. Platform should also allow users to really dig through data and zoom in on what’s relevant, when it’s relevant. Filters should be dynamic and able usable whenever needed.

Dynamic Reports - Insights on Demand: Users should be able to generate based on any filters that they choose, whenever the need. Advanced platforms allow users to schedule reports based on incidents or alerts or time triggers.

Code Watch: Securing Code Repositories: In the age of open source, a digital risk protection platform needs to keep an eye on code repositories. Any hardcoded API keys can leak sensitive data and access to attackers and are becoming increasingly common as attack vectors.

Hassle-Free Takedown Service: Takedown requests should be painless with low turnaround time. Better yet, the provider should have an inhouse takedown team.

Ecosystem Security: Beyond Your Borders: Monitoring should extend to an organization’s dependencies – their vendors, suppliers etc. Often, enterprises overlook the fact that their vendors and suppliers are also an attack surface. Attack Surface management must be combined with Dark Web monitoring so that both infrastructure threats and external threats are covered.

Thorough Analysis, No Exceptions: Platform should be able to automatically decompile Web Applications and able to automatically identify secrets, API keys, tokens, plist issues, and misconfigurations.

Seamless tool Integration: Platform should be able to be integrated into existing tools that customer may already have.

Beyond Detection: Actionable Recommendations: The platform should give users recommendations on detected issues. Finding out issues is important – fixing them even more so.

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