Features and Modules

Explore our wide range of modules designed for comprehensive Attack Surface Fingerprinting and Monitoring. Discover the powerful tools and features that enhance your cybersecurity posture, safeguarding your organization against evolving threats. Learn how CloudSEK's advanced solutions can help you protect your digital assets effectively.

Attack Surface Monitoring

CloudSEK’s comprehensive Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) solution, BeVigil Enterprise, helps organizations detect and control risks associated with external attack surfaces.

Web app Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise Web App Scanner identifies security vulnerabilities in web applications.

SSL Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise SSL scanner ensure the security of a website and its associated systems. They are used to detect and identify potential risks that may be present in the website's SSL configuration

DNS Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise DNS Scanner is an essential Module for network security. It can detect several types of web security misconfigurations including SPF and DMARC misconfigurations, subdomain takeovers associated with 50+ services, and Private IP Disclosure.

Mobile App Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise’s award-winning Mobile App scanner module can be used to identify potential security risks in mobile applications. It can detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities in the applications, misconfigurations, malwares, and hard-coded secrets.

API scanner

BeVigil Enterprise conducts scans and checks, the API scanner helps detect API endpoints and maintains an inventory of all API services. Thus, the API scanner can identify security flaws, such as improper authentication, data exposure, and potential entry points for cyber-attacks

Network Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise Network Scanner automatically scans and identifies active hosts, open ports, and available services in the network. The network scanner helps administrators and security professionals gain a comprehensive view of the network's topology and assess potential security risks.

Cloud Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise’s cloud scanner evaluates the security of cloud-based assets. It automatically scans cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security risks.

CVE Scanner

BeVigil Enterprise’s CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) scanner identifies and tracks known vulnerabilities in software systems. It automatically scans and analyzes devices, applications, and systems to compare them against the CVE database, which contains a comprehensive list of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.
Asset Map

Supply Chain Visibility

Automatically discover new assets within an organization's network infrastructure, including Domains, Subdomains, Open Ports, Software, Web-applications, Mobile Applications, SSL Certificates, network devices, and more.

Digital Supply Chain Protection

Safeguard vital assets that drive the intricate and indispensable digital business supply chain. Supply Chain protects your supply chain with the help of various scanners such as Webapp, DNS, Mobile app and SSL scanners.

Focus on your important Supply chain Ends

CloudSEK SVigil’s Contextual AI identifies software supply chain risks by monitoring Software,Vendors, Cloud Services, and third-party dependencies. SVigil begins by digitally fingerprinting an
organization’s publicly exposed assets and building a central asset inventory with updated subdomains, IPs, and web applications.The platform highlights critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations along with remediation steps for all external infrastructure assets.

Attack Surface

Attack Surface Mapped out clean.

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Software Supply Chain Monitoring

Monitor your Supply Chain Easily.

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Scanners which are designed to Impress

Our comprehensive security scanners which are designed to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats within your web applications/ Ports and External facing assets

Software and Supply Chain Protection is much easier now.

Easy Network Asset Mapping

With our Award-winning Data Scraping and Sorting technique, all your assets are mapped and displayed so that you get a unified view of your risk exposure.


To enable the easy prioritization, all discovered assets are marked and categorized into High, Medium, and Low Criticality categories.

Features that Mesmerise

Powerful, self-serve product and protects to help you monitor, analyse and protect your organisation's supply chain and external assets.
Trusted by over 400+ organisations

Monitor Mass Assets

By continuously scanning and assessing your mass assets, proactively detect any vulnerabilities or suspicious activities, ensuring the better security

Easy Crawling and Prioritisation

Crawling and prioritizing assets becomes a seamless and effortless process. Easily navigate through your organization's digital ecosystem, gathering comprehensive information about each asset.

Manage your team with reports

Measure what matters with CloudSEK's easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Reduction in false positives

Substantial reduction in false positives by increasing relevance using 600+ tag classifiers and query language filters

Connect the tools you already use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

Our people make the difference

We’re an extension of your team, and all of our resources are free. Chat to our friendly team 24/7 when you need help.


Don't Replace.

CloudSEK's integration mechanism is a set of APIs that customers can use to integrate our IAV intelligence into their existing tools and solutions. Through this, we envision a future where threats are resolved and remediated automatically.

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Works with Popular apps
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Integrates Flawlessly with SOARs
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Next-gen features
IOA Based Protection

Prevention Strategies

CloudSEK IOA (IAV) Platform Assists Customers in their Prevention Strategies

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Indicators of Compromise

Traditional Cyber Intelligence Companies

IOC's Provide information about
Malicious FIles and Malware hashes
Malicious Domains & hashes

Indicators of

CloudSEK IOA (IAV) Platform

IOA provide information about
Compromised API Keys & Tokens used for IAV
Exposed Vulnerable Software service used for IAV
Vulnerable web Application used for IAV
Vulnerable third party code used for IAV
Compromised passwords available on darkweb
Discussion on Dark web about an Attack


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CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

The quality of the product and the services is great and if you are a happy customer of such services, you are bound to give these ratings.


Banking Industry - 500M - 1B USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

The vendor is very supportive and helpful. They are approachable. Product is constantly evolving and has a capability to beat the best.


Banking Industry - 250M - 500M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

An intricate tool that, as promised, allows smooth integration. XVigil is our preliminary line of defence, in that it secures our external security..


Insurance - 250M - 500M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

Niche offering supported by a competent team of professionals for business risk mitigation

Head IT

IT Services Industry - 50M - 250M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

Daily reports help us to view the overall security posture around company perimeter.


IT Services Industry - 3B - 10B USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

We use XVigil to monitor all external threats to our organization, in particular to detect data leaks that could cost us our standing among clients and partners.

AVP CyberSecurity

Banking Industry - 250M - 500M USD

Exceptional tool that guarantees an enhanced security framework. Xvigil makes the unknown

Head Information Security

IT Services Industry - <50M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

End to end threat management platform: from identification to analysis and tracking


Non-banking Finance - 3B - 10B USD
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Credential leaks related to your organisation's domain address
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Fake Domains and Fake Apps impersonating your brand.
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Walkthrough and use cases of SVigil’s functionalities.
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