Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor internet exposed infrastructure, such as web apps, curation of assets and inventory along with monitoring of misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.

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Web Application Scanner

Regular Port Scan

Regular SSL scanner

Centralized Asset inventory

CloudSEK Infrastructure Monitoring
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Meet BeVigil Enterprise
Infrastructre Monitoring

Organisations are on the growth trajectory and so is their Infrastructure. As infrastructure scales to match the pace, it leaves behind open vulnerabilities and misconfigurations tempting threat actors to exploit them.

To help organisations, CloudSEK BeVigil Enterprise begins by digitally fingerprinting an organization’s publicly exposed assets building a central asset inventory with updated

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Domains, Subdomains
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IPs and Web Applications

Browse our set of features

Brand Protection module helps to monitor for threats across the internet and can alert businesses to any negative comments, reviews, or posts about their brand. It also provides insights into how people are perceiving and responding to their brand, helping businesses to take corrective measures and protect their reputation.

Deeper Context

The gain deeper context behind every Infrastructure threat reported

Misconfig Checks

More than 50 misconfiguration checks for web applications

Automated Fingerprinting

The gain deeper context behind every Infrastructure threat reported


Continuous and automated monitoring with auto-update of assets


Flexibility to add custom assets such as IPs, Web Applications, etc.


Remediation steps available for reported misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

Wide-ranging use cases from
Infrastructure Monitoring

CloudSEK XVigil platform provides visibility to the organization’s exposed Infrastructure assets. The offered Infrastructure use cases enable the organization to better equip and respond.

Misconfigured Web Applications

XVigil performs more than 50 checks for detecting misconfigurations in an organization’s internet-facing web applications.

The platform scans web applications thoroughly for any low hanging security vulnerabilities too, old or new, and any other events that might require immediate attention and remediation.

- Misconfigured webapps
- Webpage header issues
- Cloudstorage issues
- Sensitive content disclosure issues
- Server/application issues

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Asset Inventory

XVigil digitally fingerprints all the internet-facing assets such as subdomains, IPs, and web applications of an organization irrespective of the size of the organization.

The central asset inventory offers visibility on the possessed assets and provides recommendations on the remediation of relevant vulnerabilities.

The platform also automatically updates the asset inventory as any change is observed.

- Associated Subdomains
- Associated IPs
- Associated Web applications

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Regular SSL Scan

CloudSEK XVigil scans the SSL certificates of organizations and rates them considering their exposure to vulnerabilities.

The platform also notifies of the expiry of SSL certificates with regular notification starting 60, 30, and 15 days prior.

- Misconfigured SSL certificates
- Expired SSL certificates
- SSL Certificate grades

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Open port scan

CloudSEK XVigil helps the organization by identifying exposed or open ports daily.

These open ports are an easy target and provide easy access to threat actors into an organization’s networks and cause disruption.

- Open Ports
- Regular Port scan

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Powerful Takedown Process

CloudSEK offers end to end management of takedowns including submission, follow-ups, and confirmation. We empower the security team for better decision making and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day to day responsibilities.

Our capable and in-house takedowns team assists with takedowns of several brand abuse incidents reported such as phishing, infringing domain, Fake social media accounts unofficial apps on third-party app stores, DMCA takedowns, etc.

CloudSEK offers powerful takedown process

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Experience XVigil, SVigil or BeVigil Enterprise which gives 100% visibility to the Initial Access Vector Protection. When you request access you will get a brief on

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Credential leaks related to your organisation's domain address
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Fake Domains and Fake Apps impersonating your brand.
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Walkthrough and use cases of SVigil’s functionalities.
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