Cyber Threat Monitoring

Cyber Threat monitoring includes monitoring of surface web, Deep and dark web.

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Discussions Monitoring

Source code / Repositories leaks

Server credential leaks

3rd Party Data leaks

CloudSEK Cyber Threat Monitoring
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Meet XVigil
Cyber Threat Monitoring

The need of the hour is a strategy to anticipate and defend against potential threats rather than mid-crisis damage control. Proactive Threat Intelligence helps to achieve this kind of threat monitoring on a war footing.

XVigil platform’s Cyberthreat monitoring scours thousands of sources across the internet (surface, deep and dark web) to identify exposed assets. These thousands of sources include continuous monitoring and indexing of thousands of

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Web pages,Forums and Marketplaces
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Code Hosting Sites, Document Sharing Sites
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Large data Breaches, IRC, I2P Pages and Telegrams etc

Browse our set of features

Deeper Context

Gain deeper context behind every Cyberthreat reported

Asset List

An asset and watchword led approach towards monitoring Cyber-threats

Specific Intelligence

Targeted intelligence very specific to organisations

All in one place

Identify leaked credentials, exposed data, and conversations


Cohesive takedowns
support offered


Export results into
excel and pdfs

Wide-ranging use cases supported by
Cyber threat Monitoring

XVigil platform provides much-needed visibility to the exposed assets within hours of going live. The offered use cases enable an organization to get better and wholesome coverage in terms of early cyber threats detection.

Source code / Repositories leaks

CloudSEK XVigil scans major code sharing/hosting platforms but not limited to GitHub, Bitbucket and would alert as soon as there is a match as per the asset of the Organization. The asset could range from domains, associated subdomains, associated IPs, brand watchwords, product watchwords, etc.

There could be a mention of an organizations asset within a line of code inside a file, or in a repository or a simple description, all of these would be detected and reported to the Organization enabling them to take remediation steps right away.

- Code Repository Monitoring
- Source Code uploaded on GitHub
- Asset based Source code leak monitoring

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Server Credential Leaks

CloudSEK XVigil monitor and report on any server credential leaks on Paste sites including but not limited to Pastebin, PasteFS.

- PasteBin
- Other Paste Sites and Publicly shared forums

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Business email compromise attacks

CloudSEK XVigil has built proprietary historical data of the credential’s leaks for the last 7 years which has been published on the internet. This helps the platform to identify if an organization’s employee’s credentials have leaked online.

CloudSEK’s historical data lake is updated the moment a new breach is detected.

- Employee Credentials leaked online
- Account Takeover attacks

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3rd Party Data Leaks

CloudSEK XVigil would identify if any data is leaked by vendors/contractors/ service providers leveraging the organisation’s assets and defined watchwords.

- Third Party leaks
- Data leaked by Partners
- Contractors leaking your data
- Vendors leaking your data

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Telegram Conversation Monitoring

CloudSEK XVigil gathers information from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and chats rooms (Telegram) to identify if anyone is trying to weaponize or monetize or trying to gather information about an organization or its assets.

- Telegram Public Channels
- IRC Chat rooms

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YouTube hacking tutorials

Hacking tutorials with mention of your organization of your assets.

- Youtube tutorials
- Hacking Tutorial videos

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Credit/Debit Card Leaks (For Banking only)

CloudSEK XVigil scans the internet (surface, deep and dark web) to harvest any information related to any customer Credit/Debit card leaks leveraging the BIN numbers.

The leaked Credit/Debit cards are alerted to the organization within minutes of detection.

- Credit Card Leaks
- Debit Card leaks
- BIN number monitoring

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Powerful Takedown Process

CloudSEK offers end to end management of takedowns including submission, follow-ups, and confirmation. We empower the security team for better decision making and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day to day responsibilities.

Our capable and in-house takedowns team assists with takedowns of several brand abuse incidents reported such as phishing, infringing domain, Fake social media accounts unofficial apps on third-party app stores, DMCA takedowns, etc.

CloudSEK offers powerful takedown process

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Experience XVigil, SVigil or BeVigil Enterprise which gives 100% visibility to the Initial Access Vector Protection. When you request access you will get a brief on

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Credential leaks related to your organisation's domain address
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Fake Domains and Fake Apps impersonating your brand.
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Walkthrough and use cases of SVigil’s functionalities.
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