Know your Digital Supply Chain

SVigil helps map not only an organizations core infrastructure but also creates a blueprint of all the digital vendors, third-party softwares, product integrations, any dependencies or plugins used.
Easy Mapping of Digital Supply Chain and identification of issues on the same.
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Software and Supply Chain Protection is much easier now.

Supply chain Visibility

All the Digital assets along with the softwares, services, vendors, plugins and dependencies are identified.

Supply Chain Threats

To enable the easy prioritisation, all discovered assets are scanned for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations and categorised into High, Medium, and Low Criticality categories.

Asset Discovery

SVigil's ASM component automatically discovers new assets within an organization's network infrastructure, including Domains, Subdomains, Open Ports, Software, Web-applications, Mobile Applications, SSL Certificates, network devices, and more

Shadow IT Discovery

SVigil helps organizations identify Shadow IT or unauthorized software and devices that have been deployed within their infrastructure without their knowledge or approval.

Mobile App Coverage

SVigil ASM provides automatic detection for version updates for mobile apps, ensuring that organizations stay up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates.

Passive & Active Assets

SVigil ASM utilizes a range of passive and active sources for asset discovery, including popular sources such as Shodan, Alienvault, Censys, Security Trails, Virustotal, and more.
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Asset Coverage; Like no-one can guarantee

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Vendors & Third party Service Detection

SVigil identifies middleware and third-party services/libraries running on an organization's infrastructure. This information can help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities and dependencies that could affect the overall security of their infrastructure.
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Better Scans, Better Visibility

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Automated subdomain, Ports and
Webapps discovery

SVigil provides automated discovery of the latest subdomains, web apps, and IP addresses associated with a given domain. This feature enables organizations to stay ahead of potential security threats by identifying new assets and their associated metadata.

Better Visiblity

SVigil offers a comprehensive view of an organization's network infrastructure, allowing for proactive identification and addressing of potential security vulnerabilities. This better visibility enables organizations to manage their infrastructure more effectively and reduce the risk of potential attacks.

Proactive threat identification

With its advanced features and functionalities, such as identifying changes and anomalies that could indicate a potential security threat, SVigil's ASM component helps organizations identify and address potential security threats proactively.

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