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We Predict Cyber Threats

At CloudSEK, we combine the power of Cyber Intelligence, Brand Monitoring, Attack Surface Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring and Supply Chain Intelligence to give context to our customers’ digital risks.

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How do we prevent Cyber threats?

A cyber attack typically escalates in 5 steps. It starts with the attacker conducting reconnaissance to understand vulnerabilities in an organisation’s attack surface, using an Initial Attack Vector (IAV) to gain foothold, escalating privileges, moving laterally in the organisation and ultimately trying to exfiltrate data and credentials causing economic and reputational damage to the organisation.

By providing you information about IAVs impacting your organisation, we stop the kill chain.


Secure your organisation with our Award winning Products

CloudSEK Platform is a no-code platform that powers our products with predictive threat analytic capabilities.


Powerful Modules,
Powerful Solutions

Across verticals, some of the world’s largest and most innovative firms find our solutions perfect for their needs with over 170 use cases.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat monitoring includes monitoring of surface, dark and deep web for credential disclosures, data leaks, card leaks, frauds, scams and more.

Brand Threat Monitoring

Continual brand scan helps to combat fake brand pages, rogue applications and impersonating domains that could harm an organization's brand image.

Attack Surface Monitoring

We monitor 8+ attack surfaces and comprehensively fingerprint an organization’s digital assets.

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

We scan freely available as well as premium sources (i.e. behind login wall forums /marketplaces /dark sites) to provide deep and dark web coverage.

Data Leaks Monitoring

Prevent leak of sensitive information like code repositories, documents, credentials, debit/credit card details etc with comprehensive data leak monitoring.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of your organisation's infrastructure including web apps, asset inventory etc and detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Our Precious
Customers' Reviews

Our customers speaking about the value they uncovered with CloudSEK solutions...

CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

The quality of the product and the services is great and if you are a happy customer of such services, you are bound to give these ratings.


Banking Industry - 500M - 1B USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

The vendor is very supportive and helpful. They are approachable. Product is constantly evolving and has a capability to beat the best.


Banking Industry - 250M - 500M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

An intricate tool that, as promised, allows smooth integration. XVigil is our preliminary line of defence, in that it secures our external security..


Insurance - 250M - 500M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

Niche offering supported by a competent team of professionals for business risk mitigation

Head IT

IT Services Industry - 50M - 250M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

Daily reports help us to view the overall security posture around company perimeter.


IT Services Industry - 3B - 10B USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

We use XVigil to monitor all external threats to our organization, in particular to detect data leaks that could cost us our standing among clients and partners.

AVP CyberSecurity

Banking Industry - 250M - 500M USD

Exceptional tool that guarantees an enhanced security framework. Xvigil makes the unknown

Head Information Security

IT Services Industry - <50M USD
CloudSEK Reviewed 5 Star

End to end threat management platform: from identification to analysis and tracking


Non-banking Finance - 3B - 10B USD
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The Resources section is a great source of information for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and industry trends. It includes a blog that covers topics related to cyber security, threat intelligence, white papers and reports, and a knowledge base. The blog provides insight into the latest trends, while the threat intelligence and white papers provide an in-depth understanding of the security landscape. The knowledge base is a comprehensive collection of technical documents, articles, and tips to help strengthen your security posture.


Explore Blogs and Research Articles from the team on the latest trends and methods in Cybersecurity.

Threat Intelligence

Whitepapers and Reports

Knowledge Base

Expert-curated cybersecurity articles, tutorials, and resources to help protect your personal and business data.


Our vision is shared by some of the biggest investors in the world who have chosen to invest in our dream.
Investors and Accelerators


Don't Replace;

CloudSEK's integration mechanism is a set of APIs that customers can use to integrate our IAV intelligence into their existing tools and solutions. Through this, we envision a future where threats are resolved and remediated automatically.

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Works with Popular apps
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Integrates Flawlessly with SOARs
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Next-gen features
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Hundreds of Partners,
One shared Goal:
A Safer Cyber space!

From start-ups to conglomerates, organizations around the globe rely on CloudSEK to protect their digital assets. And so, the CloudSEK partner ecosystem comprises of partners who share our values, allowing us to offer our customers the most advanced and the latest technology, together.

100+ Diverse Global Partners, Distributors, Value-Added Vendors, and System Integrators.