Data Leaks Monitoring

Data Leaks Monitoring page allows users to monitor, detect and prevent data leaks in their digital environment.

It offers real-time visibility into potential data breaches and provides automated alerts to keep users informed of any suspicious activity.

CloudSEK Deep and Dark web Monitoring
CloudSEk Dark and deep web monitoring

Meet XVigil
Data Leaks Monitoring

Teams across an organization deal with sensitive data. This can include engineering teams handling code to finance teams handling P&L data. XVigil's powerful Data Leaks Monitoring module ensures that our customers get alerts about any suspicious activity or any sensitive data that may get leaked so that it doesn't escalate into a threat.

Our AI powered engine monitors an exhaustive list of sources so that organizations have unparalleled protection against data leaks.

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Dark Sites, Marketplaces
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Code Hosting Sites, Document Sharing Sites
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Large data Breaches, IRC, I2P Pages and Telegram etc

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Deeper Context

Gain deeper context behind every Cyberthreat reported

Asset List

An asset and watchword led approach towards monitoring Cyber-threats

Specific Intelligence

Targeted intelligence very specific to organisations

All in one place

Identify leaked credentials, exposed data, and conversations


Cohesive takedowns
support offered


Export results into
excel and pdfs

Dark Web Coverage

CloudSEK XVigil platform’s proprietary crawlers scan freely available as well as premium i.e. behind the login wall forums/marketplaces/dark sites to provide comprehensive deep and dark web coverage.

Dark web Marketplace

CloudSEK XVigil monitors thousands of dark marketplaces and provides a historical reference of the previous listing and is extremely useful for tracking purposes.

- Dark web marketplaces

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Dark Sites

Efficient crawlers monitor and indexes Tor and I2P
pages in the data lake.
- TOR sites
- Onion Sites
- ZeroNet sites
- FreeNet sites
- Sone sites
- I2P Pages

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Dark web forums

organisations to identify the sale of a wide variety of threats, exploits, leaked data, data trade, etc.

- Dark forums for variety of threats
- Exploits
- Leaked data
- Data Trade

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Dark Web and ATM Hacking
ATM hacking tools trending on the dark web

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Dark Paste sites

Monitors paste sites across the deep and the dark web and enable organisations with targeted intelligence correlated with their assets.

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Telegram Channels

We monitors telegrams channels which are used by groups and threats actors to discuss campaigns, fraud, and exploitation.

- Telegram Channels
- Telegram Services

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Internet Relay Chats

We monitor multiple IRC to tracks group for client-related

- IRC Groups

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Powerful Takedown Process

CloudSEK offers end to end management of takedowns including submission, follow-ups, and confirmation. We empower the security team for better decision making and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day to day responsibilities.

Our capable and in-house takedowns team assists with takedowns of several brand abuse incidents reported such as phishing, infringing domain, Fake social media accounts unofficial apps on third-party app stores, DMCA takedowns, etc.

CloudSEK offers powerful takedown process

Get Alerted
when you should be

XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers.

Respond to Actionable intelligence about your organisation
Timely and Hasslefree
Threats related to your organisations are shown as soon as we discover
High priority alerts so far
Rated by our Customers
CloudSEK XVigil Severity Tracker

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Free Access

Experience XVigil, SVigil or BeVigil Enterprise which gives 100% visibility to the Initial Access Vector Protection. When you request access you will get a brief on

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Credential leaks related to your organisation's domain address
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Fake Domains and Fake Apps impersonating your brand.
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Walkthrough and use cases of SVigil’s functionalities.
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