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We are investigating the possible attack vectors that could have led to the compromise of Domino’s Breach and the Nucleus ransomware attack: Is it More than just isolated incidents?

Design Thinking, a human-centered process, solves even the most complex problems for innovative companies like Infosys, PepsiCo, Nike and Starbucks; here’s how.

Creating and managing multiple deployments and sets of config. files can be a cumbersome task. But with Helm, this is made easy.

Hackers target large organizations to trick their employees and steal sensitive data. What are phishing attacks and how to prevent them?

Redux toolkit works with fewer lines of boilerplate codes, simplified code logic, and it boosts performance. How to migrate to Redux toolkit?

Zero-days are software vulnerabilities that are not known to the developers. Here’s a list of the most popular zero-day attacks.

Defining and explaining the role of a product manager in startups by introducing the 4 Ps of product management.

CloudSEK has done a detailed analysis of the Juspay data leak that affects user records and has summarized their key findings in this blog.

In the event of full scale cyberattack the pharmaceutical sector could incur huge loss. We review the attacks that hit major pharmaceuticals.

Third-party applications may thus seem innocent, but could in fact be nefarious and have grave implications on its users. We explain how.