Identify Infra vulnerabilities beforehand a threat actor

Infrastructure monitor curates a list of all asset-inventory and then periodically monitors exposed misconfigurations, and potential data leakages.

  • Web Application Scanner
  • Misconfigured Cloud Storage
  • Port Scanning

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Meet XVigil,
Infrastructure and
Application Security Monitoring

Organizations are on the growth trajectory and so is their Infrastructure. As infrastructure scale to match the pace, it leaves behind open Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations tempting threat actors to exploit them.

To help organizations, CloudSEK XVigil begins by Digitally fingerprinting an organization’s publicly exposed assets building a central asset inventory with updated subdomains, IPs, and web applications. The platform highlights critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations along with remediations steps for all external infrastructure assets.

  • Automated Digital fingerprinting and enumeration
  • More than 50 misconfiguration checks for web applications
  • The gain deeper context behind every Infrastructure threat reported
  • Continuous and automated monitoring with auto-update of assets
  • Flexibility to add custom assets such as IPs, Web Applications, etc.
  • Remediation steps available for reported misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

Infrastructure Intelligence

The widespread live network brings with it dynamism in the asset movement. It is not possible to discover all assets and threats with legacy tools alone. A real-time monitor helps organisations in:

  • Making live discovery of any new asset
  • Assess the exposure and Correlate with big data
  • Map to client’s assets and relevance
  • Rate the exposures according to the severity
    and prioritise them

CloudSEK’s infrastructure threat board shares the results along with the severity of the threat. A detailed report is also generated for further

Infrastructure Monitoring Dia


CloudSEK XVigil platform provides visibility to the organization’s exposed Infrastructure assets. The offered Infrastructure use cases enable the organization to better equip and respond.

CloudSEK XVigil performs more than 50 checks for detecting misconfigurations in an organization’s internet-facing web applications. The platform scans web applications thoroughly for any low hanging security vulnerabilities too, old or new, and any other events that might require immediate attention and remediation.

CloudSEK XVigil helps the client with defacement detection leveraging a combination of text-based identification of the website source code plus a screenshots based classification mechanism that would detect if a web page has been detected as defaced. The CloudSEK XVigil platform can detect the difference between just a normal change in the web page and actual defacement.

CloudSEK XVigil digitally fingerprints all the internet-facing assets such as subdomains, IPs, and web applications of an organization irrespective of the size of the organization. The central asset inventory offers visibility on the possessed assets and provides recommendations on the remediation of relevant vulnerabilities. The platform also automatically updates the asset inventory as any change is observed.

CloudSEK XVigil scans the SSL certificates of organizations and rates them considering their exposure to vulnerabilities. The platform also notifies of the expiry of SSL certificates with regular notification starting 60, 30, and 15 days prior.

CloudSEK XVigil helps the organization by identifying exposed or open ports daily. These open ports are an easy target and provide easy access to threat actors into an organization’s networks and cause disruption.

Integration Supported

CloudSEK XVigil offers a TAXII/STIX feed of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), which can be integrated with organization’s product that supports the TAXII protocol. Currently, CloudSEK XVigil support TAXII v1 and TAXII v2.

Also, CloudSEK XVigil offers integration with Ticketing systems ensuring all the integration need of an organization is met.

CloudSEK XVigil offers a TAXII/STIX feed of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), which can be integrated with organization's product that supports the TAXII protocol. Currently, CloudSEK XVigil support TAXII v1 and TAXII v2.
IBM Radar,Arcsight,Atlassian JIRA,Slack, Splunk Integrations

One Comprehensive Solution

Simple, Dynamic, and Credible

Don’t just react to cyber-attacks; anticipate and mitigate.
While you’re building defenses against known threats, there are newer, more sophisticated ones being directed at you. With XVigil’s focused, real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and actionable insights, you can be vigilant and stay secure.

SaaS Based
XVigil is Easy Deployable
XVigil is a Non-invasive technology
XVigil has Customised scans
XVigil Covers across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.
XVigil is a Unified Risk Monitoring
Proprietary ThreatMeter which gives Accurate, real-time threat detection, rating, and prioritization.

Get Alerted
when you should be

XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers, which allows them to intervene and take remedial steps preventing costly breaches and losses.

Severity Tracker in XVigil

Intricate, Proactive Tool Aligned With An Enterprising Team

An intricate tool that, as promised, allows smooth integration. XVigil is our preliminary line of defence, in that it secures our external security posture and proactively averts threats pre-crisis, rather than at a later phase leaving us to recoup our losses. Our CloudSEK SPOC has been responsive and enterprising; they resolve our queries, keep abreast of all developments, and communicate them, promptly. We greatly depend on Port and SSL Scan, Data Leakage Monitoring, and Brand Monitoring features offered on XVigil.

— CISO, Finance Industry

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Firm Size
<250M – 500M USD

Customer Stories

Check out how XVigil’s solutions have helped customers detect threats, mitigate attacks, and augment their security posture.

Luxury Real Estate Development Company Secures its Public Digital Attack Surface

How Luxury Real Estate Development Company Secured its Public Digital Attack Surface using CloudSEK XVigil using Infrastructure Monitoring

Emirati Multinational Real Estate Development Company confronted spoofed Brand’s Social Media Profiles

CloudSEK XVigil assisted Emirati Multinational Real Estate Development Company to confront spoofed Brand’s Social Media Profiles using Brand Threats Monitor.

International telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar rapidly detects leaked source code

In their third year of engagement, the Success story of an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar rapidly detects leaked source code.

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