Emirati Multinational Real Estate Development Company confronted spoofed Brand’s Social Media Profiles

CloudSEK XVigil assisted Emirati Multinational Real Estate Development Company to confront spoofed Brand’s Social Media Profiles using Brand Threats Monitor.

Products Used
CloudSEK XVigil
Modules Used
Cyber Threats Monitoring, Brand Threats Monitoring, Infrastructure Threats Monitoring
United Arab Emirates
Real Estate
Module 2

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The Challenge

The real estate developer was struggling to track Fake / SpoofedBrand’s Social Media Profile specifically on Social media platforms suchas Facebook and Twitter.

  • Threat actors hosting outdated versions of their mobile applications on third-party app stores.
  • Fake / Phishing / Squatted domains were springing up overnight.

The Solution

  • CloudSEK XVigil platform was the ideal solution for the Real estate developer, as it covered more than their requirement of fake/Spoofed social media pages, Identification of fake/outdated/rogue mobile applications, and Fake/Phishing/Squatted sites including identification of Fake customer care number scam along with the takedown services of these brand threats.
  • Parallelly, the CloudSEK XVigil platform monitors thousands of surface, deep, and dark web sources for rapid detection of cyber and brand threats including monitoring of Public Digital attack surface.

The Impact

With CloudSEK XVigil, the client is able to identify Fake/SpoofedBrand’s Profiles on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram as well in near real-time.

  • The client was alerted of hundreds of Fake/Outdated/Rogue Mobile app across dozens of third-party app stores such as APKMonk,APKMirror, etc.
  • CloudSEK empowers the security team of the client for better decision-making leveraging the XVigil platform and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day-to-day responsibilities.

The Multinational Real Estate development client opted for the entire CloudSEK XVigil platform and leverages it daily for pre-empting Cyber, Brand, and Infrastructure threats.

Cyber brand and Infra use cases