“Tested” COVID-19 vaccines are being advertised on the dark web

DeepPaste user sends stock images to buyers, claims to have the vaccine for COVID-19, developed by Israel. The user takes advantage of anxious customers.
Updated on
April 19, 2023
Published on
April 7, 2020
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A user on DeepPaste, the dakweb version of Pastebin, where criminals sell illegal products and services, has advertised a COVID-19 vaccine that has been developed by Israel.
Sellers advertisement on DeepPaste
Sellers advertisement on DeepPaste
While there has been news of Israel’s Institute for Biological Research developing a vaccine, it has not yet been deemed safe and effective. A CloudSEK researcher initiated an email conversation with the seller. And during the interaction, the seller claimed that:
  • The Coronavirus vaccine is available in bulk and can be shipped worldwide
  • The attenuated vaccine has been tested and confirmed
  • A 20 ml vial costs $10 and they only ship orders of 100+ vials
The sellers claims
The sellers claims
CloudSEK researcher requesting the seller for proof
CloudSEK researcher requesting the seller for proof
When the researcher requested the seller for proof, they sent us a stock image from the internet.
Stock image shared by the seller as proof
Stock image shared by the seller as proof
When confronted with the fact that the image is from a different website, they said that the website belongs to them. On further probing the seller about the medical details of the vaccine, we got the following response: “We have so many to ship. We are not begging or convincing if you are interested you pay and we proceed. If you are not ready keep your money. Thanks.” While the world is reeling, under the unprecedented humanitarian and financial impact of COVID-19, scammers are finding new ways to exploit people’s ignorance and anxiety. As seen from the slew of such scams and malware attacks that CloudSEK has been reporting on, these attempts are increasing everyday. So, during these trying times, it is important for us to be aware, cautious, and not succumb to these malicious efforts

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