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IT Asset Management (also known as ITAM) is the process of ensuring an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed off when the time comes. Put simply, it’s making sure that the valuable items, tangible and intangible, in your organization are tracked and being used.  A critical component of maintaining assets, whether digital or infrastructure, is ensuring that they are secure from any cyber threats, and the analysts are aware of any vulnerabilities that persist on these assets.

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How can integration with the CloudSEK Platform help?

  • Digital Risk Coverage and Ticketing: CloudSEK Platform is built around the theme of unifying the silos and creating a single platform capable of providing Deep and Dark Web, Leaked Data, Brand Threat  and Cyber monitoring and reporting via one single platform. The platform is designed  to crawl raw data from multiple sources (Surface Web, Dark Web) and sieve that data across various parameters utilizing the proprietary AI/ML process to create relevant and credible insights for the organization. The platform also equips the analyst to write custom rules and filters. For example, any brand intelligence on a credential breach should be a high priority alert, and this should open a ticket in the ITSM Tool. The result of the rules can be pushed as a ticket to the ITSM tool.
  • Infrastructure Risk Coverage and Ticketing: Infrastructure Risk Management module of the platform allows the analyst to scan Web Apps, Ports, SSL and Mobile Apps to identify any vulnerabilities or zero- day that have been discovered. Using the custom alerts module, the analyst can write rules which would finally trigger an alert and open a ticket in the ITSM Tool.As a platform, CloudSEK has an inbuilt issue tracker and incident module, but to increase collaboration between the various security teams like VM Team, Devops, Secops, Application Security, Incident Management, etc., the integration with ITSM plays a pivotal role.

    All the security teams can see the open issues/ tickets sent by the CloudSEK Platform to the ITSM Tool, thus reducing the Mean Time to Respond.

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