Is your Data
being sold on the Dark web?

Apprehend threats posed on the deep and the dark web correlated with your assets.

Meet XVigil,
Dark web Monitoring

Gain situational awareness of the “unknown” territory with the CloudSEK XVigil platform. The Platform scours thousands of sources across the deep and the dark web to identify fraud and targeted threats. Thousands of sources for dark web monitoring include continuous monitoring and indexing of dark sites, marketplaces, forums, IRC, I2P pages and Telegrams, etc.

Gain situational and historical awareness of the organisation’s dark web exposure

An asset-based approach towards monitoring the dark web. Add specific watchwords and fine-tune dark web results

Targeted intelligence very specific to organisations

Identify leaked credentials, exposed data, and conversations

Thousands of dark web sources monitored and regular source refresh

Export results into
excel and pdfs

Extensive Dark web Coverage

CloudSEK XVigil platform’s proprietary crawlers scan freely available as well as premium i.e. behind the login wall forums/marketplaces/dark sites to provide comprehensive deep and dark web coverage.

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CloudSEK XVigil monitors thousands of dark marketplaces and provides a historical reference of the previous listing and is extremely useful for tracking purposes.

  • Dark web marketplaces

Efficient crawlers monitor and indexes Tor and I2P
pages in the data lake.

  • TOR sites
  • Onion Sites
  • ZeroNet sites
  • FreeNet sites
  • Sone sites
  • I2P Pages

Our proprietary crawlers, scours major dark forums helping
organisations to identify the sale of a wide variety of threats, exploits, leaked data, data trade, etc.

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  • Dark forums for variety of threats
  • Exploits
  • Leaked data
  • Data Trade

Monitors paste sites across the deep
and the dark web and enable organisations with targeted intelligence correlated with their assets.

We monitors telegrams channels which are used by
groups and threats actors to discuss campaigns, fraud, and exploitation.

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We monitor multiple IRC to tracks group for client-related

  • IRC Groups

Historical Threat Data Lake

CloudSEK has created a historical thereat data lake of more than 50 TB from the beginning of 2012. This enables the CloudSEK XVigil platform to give the organization the most important aspect of any conversation that happens around the dark web, which is context and historical reference.

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Dark web data - Historical Data lake CloudSEK

Get Alerted
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XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers.


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Integrate XVigil with incident management, ticketing, SIEM, SOAR and apps via APIs, Syslogs, STIX, TAXII feeds.

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Leverage our 100+ strong global partner network to integrate and secure your digital assets. 

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  • Guided demonstration of CloudSEK XVigil’s Dark web monitoring capabilities

  • Understanding of the Dark web Threat Landscape for your organization including identification and reporting of Discussions, Data leaks, Credentials Leaks, Sensitive documents, and files leaked across the deep and dark web including IRC, Telegram, etc with any mention of your organisation.


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