Luxury Real Estate Development Company Secures its Public Digital Attack Surface

How Luxury Real Estate Development Company Secured its Public Digital Attack Surface using CloudSEK XVigil using Infrastructure Monitoring.

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United Arab Emirates
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The Challenge

  • The Luxury Real Estate Development Company lacked complete visibility into their Digital Assets Inventory.
  • Manual vulnerability and misconfiguration check of Digital assets was arduous and inefficient
  • Fake / Phishing / Squatted domains were luring customers to connect with Impersonated Agents. These Impersonated agents were routing customers to competitors and were causing loss of revenue and a dent in the Brand’s reputation

The Solution

  • CloudSEK XVigil platform’s public infrastructure monitoring with automated discovery of Digital Assets, Creation of Asset Inventory, Identification of Security Issues and Robust reporting was proposed
  • Continuous and rigorous public digital attack surface scan covering more than 50 plus check for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across web applications, Ports, and SSLs provided unmatched coverage
  • Parallelly, the CloudSEK XVigil platform monitors thousands of surface, deep, and dark web sources for rapid detection of cyber threats. Brand Threats such as Identification and remediation of Fake / Phishing / Squatted domains, Fake App, Fake Social Media Pages were also offered.

The Impact

  • The Luxury Real Estate Development Company within hours of going live was presented with their asset inventory along with hundreds of critical Infrastructure misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  • The client was alerted of dozens of Fake/Impersonated Domains within days of going live and proactively receive alerts as to when a Similar Looking/Sounding Domain is registered targeting them
  • CloudSEK empowers the security team of the client for better decision- making leveraging the CloudSEK XVigil platform and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day-to-day responsibilities.

The Luxury Real Estate development client opted for the entire CloudSEK XVigil platform and leverages it daily for pre-empting Cyber, Brand, and Infrastructure threats.