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Prioritise and remediate threats that impact your brand reputation with XVigil Brand Monitoring.

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Brand Threat Monitoring

XVigil platform’s Brand monitoring maintains a continuous watch across sources to identify and report exposed brand assets. Platform reports of brand threats such as phishing sites, fake domains, fake customer care numbers, rogue mobile applications that are critical for the success of your business and identity.

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Extensive coverage across third- party app stores for rogue app detection

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Sub-Modules in Brand Threat Monitoring

Fake Domain Monitoring

Domain names set up fraudulently to mislead customers are very common. These domains are designed to look similar to your website and are used for putting fraudulent content at the cost of your brand image. Phishing scams are the oldest and yet most rampant in today’s world. From distributing malware to luring your customer into disclosing their credentials, there are many treacherous channels in domain phishing.

CloudSEK’s vigilant system offers fake domain finder capabilities to monitor the web for any fake or similar-looking domains that might infringe on your brand. It also thwarts any domain phishing attempts.

Rogue Application Detection

The seemingly harmless apps that appear after a simple search can effectively create havoc within your systems. They gain access to a domain account and trick your customers into parting with their confidential information. Brand abuse is a key target of these rogue apps. Logo use, false affiliation, domain similarity, copyright infringement, credentials theft are some of the serious threats posed by these apps which result in brand reputation damage.

XVigil by CloudSEK detects such applications and protects your company from potential scams and imposters.

End to End Brand Intelligence

End to End
Brand Intelligence

Simply put, threat intelligence helps an organisation process an in-depth analysis of potential cybersecurity threats from internal as well as external sources. It also helps formulate a strategy for swift damage control.

CloudSEK’s XVigil processes threat intelligence feed and applies AI-powered intuitive intelligence to get meaningful information to plan a proactive approach.

Wide-ranging use-cases from
Brand Threat Monitoring

Organizations today have massive digital footprints and thus expects new age use cases and remediation capabilities from the solutions. CloudSEK XVigil platform provides much-needed visibility and control to safeguard the brand assets of modern businesses.

Similar sounding/Similar looking /Phishing sites are a real threat to an organization. CloudSEK XVigil checks with leading domain registrars like GoDaddy, Google domains and helps with the takedown of impersonating websites, that may otherwise cause brand reputation to go for a toss as well as incur a huge financial loss to the end customers if weaponised.

  • Impersonated Domains
  • Infrining Domains
  • Typos-squated domains
  • Phishing Sites
  • Fake webpages

Using fake or outdated apps downloaded fro non-reliable sources could get customer’s credentials compromised. CloudSEK XVigil scans for 3rd Party/official app stores for any fake/rogue apps that resonate with the brand.

  • Fake Apps from Third party app stores
  • Outdated apps from Third party app stores
  • Impersonated apps

Fake customer care numbers are posted on internet forums and Social media to lure users to connect and then share critical details over the unofficial channel and eventually the end-user gets compromised. CloudSEK XVigil scans for various internet forums and social media sites to check if something of this sort is posted and push the alert along with the bad actor details.

  • Fake customer care numbers
  • Customer care scams

CloudSEK XVigil detect if a threat actor with
bad ill intent is trying to impersonate Brand/Social Media pages of organizations on social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

  • Fake social media handles on Twitter
  • Fake social media pages on facebook
  • Fake social media profiles on Instagram
  • Fake social media pages on LinkedIN

Cohesive Takedown Support

CloudSEK offers end to end management of takedowns including submission, follow-ups,and confirmation. CloudSEK empowers the security team for better decision making and eliminating the arduous and manual process of takedowns from their day to day responsibilities. CloudSEK’s capable and in-house takedowns team assists with takedowns of several brand abuse incidents reported such as phishing, infringing domain, Fake social media accounts unofficial apps on third-party app stores, DMCA takedowns, etc.

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