How CloudSEK Is Responding to COVID-19 and Its Economic Impact

How CloudSEK Is Responding to COVID-19 and Its Economic Impact

Given the scale of the humanitarian and economic crisis at hand, we are changing how we operate and do business, to better support our customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

During these tough times, CloudSEK’s top priority is the health and safety of our employees, their family and friends, and the larger community. We are also supporting our customers, prospects, partners, and new recruits to tackle the uncertainties of the crisis.

What we’re doing for our customers, prospects, and partners

Free XVigil modules

Most people working remotely are using unsecured home wi-fi networks and personal computers. So, CloudSEK is offering companies, XVigil’s Source Code Leak Monitor and Confidential Data Leak Monitor, free for 1 month. We set up their platforms remotely, in 30 minutes. XVigil provides them real-time alerts if their proprietary source code or confidential data is leaked. Thus, allowing companies to work remotely, without the fear of breaches and leaks.

COVID-19 related threat intelligence

As evident from the recent spate of COVID-19 themed malware attacks and phishing campaigns, malicious actors are undeterred by the COVID-19 crisis. CloudSEK is continuously monitoring the surface web, deep web, and dark web for COVID-19 related cybersecurity threats, and alerts our customers to these risks, on priority. This gives them time to mitigate the risks and prevent incidents.

What we’re doing for our employees and new recruits

100% remote workforce

CloudSEK has mandated work-from-home for all its employees. We have set up communication channels on Slack, Hangouts, JIRA, and WhatsApp so that we can continue to collaborate efficiently. Despite connectivity issues, and anxieties regarding the outbreak, we have kept our spirits high by having virtual All Hands Meetings, push-up challenges, group video chats, and even our very first remote party.

Business travel freeze

Considering the risk of travelling, we have suspended all work-related travel, both domestic and international. Even our sales team, which travels extensively, is working remotely. Since our platform XVigil is cloud-based, we continue to perform demos, Proof of Concepts, platform configurations, and user training online.

Remote Onboarding

Apart from honouring all our job offers, we are also onboarding new recruits remotely. New employees are introduced to the team via Hangouts, followed by team-specific training and orientation.

Remote Recruitment

We will continue to interview candidates for all open positions. However, the complete process, from the assignments to interview, will be conducted via phone calls, or Hangouts.


What we’re doing for the community

COVID-19 related cybersecurity alerts

During normal circumstances, our threat intelligence is primarily for customers. However, given that everybody is a target for COVID-19 themed cyber-attacks, we are posting our research on our website, and on social media platforms, to create awareness.

Webinars on managing remote teams

Given how difficult it is to sustain team productivity and collaboration remotely, CloudSEK is producing a series of webinars that will address these issues. Our team leads and thought leaders will conduct free webinars on remote working and the associated challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact CloudSEK if I need support?

Customers and Partners can contact CloudSEK via:

Prospects can contact CloudSEK via:

Is CloudSEK prepared for COVID-19?

Yes. All our teams are working to ensure our customers’ security postures. Since XVigil is cloud based, we don’t anticipate any impact on the platform’s capabilities.

We continue to pursue our goal to build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology, that identifies and resolves digital threats.

Is it possible to set up XVigil for my organization during this period?

Yes. XVigil is a cloud-based platform that has no in-person requirements to set up. We can configure the platform for your organization, and have it up and running in 30 minutes.

For up-to-date information and guidance on COVID-19, please visit the WHO website.
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April 3, 2020