CloudSEK’s mid-year promotions recognize Cloudsters who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty

CloudSEK’s mid-year promotions recognize Cloudsters who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty

2020 has not been an easy year. From having to deal with a global pandemic, to adjusting to work from home, it has tested organizations’ and individuals’ ability to adapt and reinvent. Despite these unprecedented changes, CloudSEK has continued to exceed our targets, onboard new clients across the world, and boost XVigil’s capabilities. And none of this would have been possible without every CloudSter’s unparalleled commitment and creativity. So, as we round off 2020, we want to recognize the CloudSters who have been instrumental to CloudSEK’s growth and progress. We’re proud to announce the promotions of 9 super-star CloudSters! Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Kaur (Softcell | Punjab Technical University) has been promoted from Business Development Manager to Account Director North. She will lead new business acquisitions for CloudSEK’s flagship product XVigil, across North India.   Deepanjli Paulraj Deepanjli Paulraj (EY | PESIT) has been promoted to Lead Cyber Intelligence Editor. She will helm CloudSEK’s digital and content strategy and workflow, and create story-driven threat intelligence, cybersecurity reports, and user documentation.   Bhanu Sharma, CloudSEK Bhanu Sharma (SpotDraft | AIACTR) has advanced from Senior AI Engineer to AI Development Lead. He will now be responsible for managing AI projects that will further CloudSEK’s mission to build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology.   Sparsh Kulshrestha Sparsh Kulshrestha (Birla Institute of Applied Sciences), previously a Security Analyst has been promoted to Senior Security Analyst. In this capacity, he will lead the effort to identify and address clients’ security vulnerabilities. Varun K M Varun K.M  (Cerner Corporation | PES University) has been promoted to DevOps Lead. He will be responsible for CloudSEK’s end-to-end development life cycle, delivery, and infrastructure management. Johnu Marattil James Johnu Marattil ( Vanenburg Software | Vishwajyoti College) has been promoted from User Experience Designer to User Experience Designer Lead. He will helm XVigil’s product design and end-to-end user experience.   Manoj Kumar reddyManoj Kumar Reddy (Divum | MITS) has advanced from Full Stack Developer to Senior Software Development Engineer. He will now be responsible for managing User Experience and Frontend development projects.     Anjana Sathyan, CloudSEK Anjana Sathyan (Synopsys Inc | Coorg Institute of Technology), previously a Security Analyst, has been promoted to Security Analyst Lead in the Client Success team. In this capacity, she will lead the effort to identify and address cyber security threats that affect clients.     Swati PardhiSwati Pardhi (Xento Systems | KITS, Ramtek) has been promoted from QA Engineer to Senior QA Engineer. She will be responsible for planning and implementing quality management and testing across XVigil modules.
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December 10, 2020