CloudSEK continues to foster young leaders; promotes Bofin Babu to VP of AI and Data Engineering

CloudSEK continues to foster young leaders; promotes Bofin Babu to VP of AI and Data Engineering

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 27th April 2020 -- Digital risk monitoring company, CloudSEK announced the promotion of Bofin Babu to Vice President, AI and Data Engineering. In his new role, Bofin will lead the Data Acquisition, Machine Learning, and Threat Intelligence teams, to further CloudSEK’s mission, to build the world’s fastest and most reliable AI technology, that identifies and resolves digital threats. It is not every day that a Developer gives up a stable career, for a demanding and unpredictable start-up job. That is exactly what Bofin did in 2016 when it was time to choose his first job. After an internship in NVIDIA, he decided to join CloudSEK’s founding team as a Data Scientist. Within a few years, Bofin’s unceasing efforts to build products that emulate the human capability to learn and evolve, saw him become the Head of Machine learning.  So in 2020, when it was time to expand CloudSEK’s leadership team, to manage the fast-growing startup’s engineering and business goals, CloudSEK didn’t have to look far. Where companies would have preferred the safety net of someone with 25 years of experience, CloudSEK decided to bet on Bofin with his young, albeit proven, talent.  As the Vice President of CloudSEK’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering squad, Bofin will lead the largest cross-functional team in CloudSEK, and manage the development-production-implementation lifecycle of strategic AI projects. With Bofin at the wheel, the Data Acquisition, ML, and Threat Intel teams will be responsible for XVigil’s Brand and Cyber Threat Monitoring solutions.
In response to his promotion, Bofin said “I'm truly honoured to lead our company's Artificial Intelligence research and engineering efforts. CloudSEK has extraordinarily talented people and a top-class product. I look forward to taking our AI tech to the next level, through cutting-edge applied research and well-planned engineering efforts, to do what we are already doing on a much larger scale.”
“Bofin was part of CloudSEK’s formative years, and his progression within the organization mirrors that of the organization itself,” was what Sourabh Issar, CloudSEK CEO, had to say about Bofin’s promotion, “When he started off at CloudSEK, Bofin was obligated to wear the leadership hat, and in 2 years time, he was heading the Machine Learning team. So, when the time came, Bofin was our natural pick to hold the reins of our most critical squad. He inspires us to believe that taking the road less travelled, does pay off eventually.
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June 18, 2020