Changing the Way CloudSEK Hires: Earn While You Learn

Changing the Way CloudSEK Hires: Earn While You Learn


For years now, we have been following the same method of hiring like any other organisation, but CloudSEK is ready to bring about a shift in this approach. After the successful implementation of the 'Earn While You Learn' program last year, they have decided to keep the ball rolling.

CloudSEK will be hiring students with priority given to their innate ability rather than their education background as Rahul Sasi puts it. The generous stipend of Rs.25000, offered as part of this program, will relieve students of their education loans and other such liabilities. The program intends to create opportunities for young and budding, passionate individuals to get hands-on experience in the field of cybersecurity.

The program also allows interns to continue to be a part of the team upon completing their internship. Granted that students will have a space to amass knowledge and to decide what projects to work on, CloudSEK believes that they will be able to retain this talent even after the interns graduate.

More details of CloudSEK Earn While you learn can be found here
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August 22, 2019