Integrating with SIEM products

One of the most adaptable tools for strengthening security in your organisation is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

Despite their many benefits, SIEMs are only as useful as the information you put in them. Inundate them with un-validated, raw threat intelligence, and the outcome is not pretty. In the face of hundreds, if not thousands of false positives, security teams must wade through the “noise” and try to piece together what’s going on, thus wasting valuable time and resources.

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SIEMs tend to focus on log ingestion, which translates to data without additional context—including the data that is most relevant and reliable when it comes to understanding security threats, IOCs and IOA. This leaves the burden of figuring out how to deliver tangible results to security teams.

Tie your SIEM with Threat Intelligence and Underground Intelligence!

We all know just how crafty, creative, and persistent attackers can be. In the age of the virtual workforce, there’s even more opportunity for malicious actors to slip in via insufficiently guarded remote endpoints by disguising hostile intrusions as innocuous activity. With the CloudSEK Platform, you can aggregate and rationalize the threat data and create a “signal” to what would otherwise be “noise” if fed directly into your SIEM.

Automatically push refined Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) - Hashes and URLs as Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) into the system, and compare them with existing logs so you can easily spot trends or patterns that are out of the ordinary and act on them efficiently. By tying your teams, processes, and tools together, the platform gives security teams unprecedented visibility into where the threat is coming from and can track the entire incident from beginning to end – through reporting, blocking, and mitigation.

The resulting productivity savings allow you to spend more time monitoring your assets, rather than chasing false positives that SIEMs can propagate. Executed properly, the convergence of Threat Intelligence and Initial Attack Vectors with a platform and your organization’s SIEM allows you to consolidate all your threat data, have control over it, validate it, measure the value of that intelligence, and mature the use of it in your SIEM for alerting and blocking – making it work better and smarter for you.

With CloudSEK Platform you can be confident that your data is relevant and prioritised so that you can act on it more properly in your SIEM.

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