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October 5, 2023

Webwyrm: A Vast Network of Deception by Impersonating Thousands of Brands

A global scale scam nicknamed ‘Webwyrm’ (pronounced ‘web-worm’) that has been targeting more than 100,000 victims across over 50 countries globally by impersonating over 1000 companies across 10 industries for a combo task scheme akin to the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ (from a few years ago that caused a massive global impact) is causing collective personal losses of possibly over a 100 million dollars. The scale of the scams and the TTPs (Targets, Techniques, and Procedures) employed show a highly skilled and persistent Threat Actor (TA) group who have been using effective OpSec (Operational Security) like consistent shifting of infrastructure and creating tight silos to prevent infiltration into the group

Authors & Contributors

Anuj Sharma
Security Enthusiast
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