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February 4, 2022

Malicious Clones of Indian Army Apps Used in Espionage Campaign Targeting Army Personnel

Malicious clones of two Indian Army Android applications, ARMAAN and Hamraaz have been spotted in the wild. The clone apps are trojanized versions of legitimate applications used by the Indian Army to provide information and services to all ranks of the serving personnel. CloudSEK discovered the campaign in January 2022 and notified CERT Army. Subsequently, we continue to assist CERT Army with their investigations into the campaign.

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Anandeshwar Unnikrishnan
Anandeshwar is a Threat Intelligence Researcher at CloudSEK. He is a strong advocate of offensive cybersecurity. He is fuelled by his passion for cyber threats in a global context. He dedicates much of his time on Try Hack Me/ Hack The Box/ Offensive Security Playground. He believes that "a strong mind starts with a strong body." When he is not gymming, he finds time to nurture his passion for teaching. He also likes to travel and experience new cultures.
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