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August 7, 2023

Hacktivist Warfare: Assessing the Strategies and Tools of Cyber Hacktivists

Hacktivism, a form of cyber attack carried out in support of a social cause, has increasingly become adisguise for state-sponsored cyber attacks. It is the use of technical skills and cyber tools for digitalprotests and disruption to raise awareness and drive social change. It blurs the lines between cyberwarfare and digital dissent, sparking ethical debates about activism in the digital age. A significant surgein such incidents during the recent quarter prompted us to conduct in-depth research on CyberHacktivism.

This white paper provides a concise analysis of hacktivist warfare, focusing on the strategies and toolsemployed by cyber activists throughout much of the world. By examining the activities of 45+ hacktivistgroups across regions such as the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, ASEAN countries, Oceania, Europe,Brazil, and North America, & more, we aim to uncover their motivations, techniques, and the impact theyhave on established power structures.

Authors & Contributors

Abhinav Pandey
Abhinav is a Cyber Threat Researcher specialized in Threat Hunting, tracking Actor groups, deducing their TTPs & OSINT Analysis
Anirudh Batra
Threat Analyst at CloudSEK
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