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Cybersecurity Insights leveraging Machine Intelligence - Webinar

October 5, 2021

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Did you know that your enterprise is vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches at multiple levels? The continuous exchange of data and information between your central office, branches, data centre, cloud applications and employees is highly susceptible to threats from cyber attackers From the first line of defence to a hassle-free yet Secure VPN to ensuring complete security control over all devices to ensuring that your company emails remain confidential and protected to access to an intelligent security operations centre to a comprehensive data protection solution, Airtel Secure’s multi-layered, full-service cybersecurity offerings are designed to safeguard enterprises against threats of various kinds and origins.Cloudsek is an AI/ML-based market leader in Digital Risk Protection Services which uses artificial intelligence technology that is based in Unified Risk Management and helps organizations monitor, manage, and mitigate internet threats and breaches.