Making sense of 60,000 cyber attacks happening every day amid COVID Pandemic

Threat actors are ramping up efforts, to exploit the growing Coronavirus panic, across the world and the combined impact could be catastrophic for businesses and individuals.

Over the past few weeks, there have been reports of malware-laced COVID guidance manuals, fake medical supplies for sale on the dark web, and ransomware attacks on hospitals and testing facilities.

However, these individual incidents don’t capture the complete scale and volume of COVID-themed cyber attacks that are affecting people across the world. In this report, we look at the combined scope and impact of:

  • 100,000+ COVID related domains registered since Jan’ 2020
  • The 150,000+ COVID-themed scams flourishing on the internet
  • Phishing emails that impersonate reliable entities to lure victims 
  • Malware attacks targeting hospitals and COVID testing facilities

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