Cyber Warriors

The Cybersecurity community is being given everything we can, including their support for the warriors who lost their lives to the Corona Virus.

Doing our part to their families, CloudSEK has given a donation of INR 500,000.

Community Heart

Doing the part

Unfortunately, not all heroes are invincible. That’s why CloudSEK has set up a memorial page as a tribute to fallen cybersecurity heroes, recalling and recognizing their unparalleled contributions to the field.

CloudSEK will also be lending a hand to the families and loved ones of cybersecurity veterans, who lost their battle against COVID-19, in the form of financial aids. CloudSEK’s Executive Chairman and Founder Rahul Sasi and the CTO of BeVigil (insert link) Syed Shahrukh Ahmad announced that the team will donate revenue generated from the mobile application security search engine, to families of cybersecurity personnel whose lives were lost as a result of the pandemic.

The team has already made a donation of INR 500,000 to the bereaved family of Vimal, who passed away last year.