The AI Development Lead Who Was Bitten by the Electricity Bug as a Kid

Bhanu Team
CloudSEK always takes the path that is seldom travelled by Indian startups, and trusts its employees with responsibility and autonomy.

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My 7th grade Science chapter on “electricity and its uses in modern devices” roped me into science and eventually engineering. My friends and I were fascinated by the applications of electricity and believed that what we were witnessing was the closest thing to magic we had ever known. It surely helped that we could easily experiment with electricity without getting hurt, say with batteries lying around the house. As kids, from using static electricity to perform parlor tricks to building battery-powered cars and proudly racing them down our school’s corridors, we were bitten by the electricity bug and loved to tinker with electric objects. And although many of my friends chose a different path in life, the bug still holds a special place in our lives.

Science has an explanation for everything, which equally enhances my curiosity and cures it. The moment I realized that I enjoyed the applications of science and its implementation in various innovations, I naturally started to gravitate towards engineering. Prior to joining CloudSEK as a Senior AI Engineer, I worked as a Machine Learning engineer for Spotdraft, a startup that focuses on contract automation and management. I was part of the team that automated the contract review process through Natural Language Processing. The contract inference engine that I worked on reviewed the quality of the contract, detected elements that were incompatible with the client’s requirements and provided appropriate solutions.

I joined CloudSEK as a Senior AI Engineer last year, only to be promoted to AI Development Lead almost immediately. CloudSEK had been on my radar since 2017 and Bofin Babu (VP, Artificial Intelligence & Data Engineering) had everything to do with it. Later in 2020, CloudSEK’s HR team contacted me to know if I was interested to know more about the company. Since I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to work with someone as intelligent as Bofin, I grabbed the chance with both hands.

The interview process lasted a few rounds with the HR, Bofin, Johnny, Rishab, and Rahul. Throughout these rounds I felt pretty comfortable and with the obvious exception of a couple of introductory questions in the HR round, every other question was relevant to the position I had applied for. It was more of a healthy discussion than a rapid fire round, which left me impressed about the company’s culture and the team I would be working with.

It is quite common for toxic startup culture to burn out their employees with unrealistic deadlines and hectic work schedules. CloudSEK, on the other hand, understands the challenges you face and helps you get through them, without losing your initial enthusiasm. The entire management as well as their processes for decision making and grievance redressal are transparent and they even seek inputs from the rest of the CloudSters. CloudSEK has built a healthy work environment that is truly employee-driven and supportive. I have hardly noticed any CloudSter slogging away or not enjoying the work they do. CloudSEK always takes the path that is seldom travelled by Indian startups, and trusts its employees with responsibility and autonomy. I find this quite admirable and my respect for the leadership at CloudSEK has only increased over the months that I have been here. Although the pandemic has deprived me of my favourite outdoor activities, stargazing and playing football, I find time during the day to take online quizzes and stay updated with the help of Twitter, Reddit, Hackernews, and other newsletters. At the end of the day, I also find time for a book.

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