Past internships shaped my goal to work in a startup

Nithya Kurian

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"Growing up, my favourite subjects were an unlikely combo - Math and English. Torn between the two, I decided to pick Math to graduate in but continued to be a voracious reader. While my Mathematics degree at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi was focused on abstract maths, my interest in application-based electives such as linear programming and probability, led me to pursue a Masters in Analytics and Management from London Business School.

The internships and projects I worked on, during this period, changed my perception regarding technology, security, and the impact that analytics had on businesses and economies. The experiences I gained at various internships allowed me to test the waters before I chose the path of entrepreneurship. Particularly, a volunteering stint that I did for an Israeli-based NGO required that I research the London market, the users’ reaction to the product, and the value they would derive from it. Based on this, our team delivered a go-to-market strategy and a marketing roadmap for the company. I thoroughly enjoyed this process. This experience led me to product management, which in turn allowed me to take ownership of a product. 

This made CloudSEK an easy choice and a natural transition to my role as a product manager in the Vulnerability Intelligence team. In this capacity, I coordinate product requirements and bug fixes with the Client Engagement team and prioritize tasks for the Vulnerability Intelligence team to fit into CloudSEK’s business roadmap. I definitely enjoy the almost daily challenges the job entails. It allows you to understand what the client needs, learn and manage how that can be met, and deliver something they can derive value from.

I became aware of CloudSEK when it was a part of the NetApp Excellerator Program. I followed the company on LinkedIn and was impressed by their blogs and articles. Subsequently, I reached out to Rahul and my further conversations with him convinced me of the employee-driven culture at the company. It made me realize that this is where I could make a real impact. My steep learning curve during my internship convinced me to accept the full-time position. 

At CloudSEK, I get to learn something new every day. I’m surrounded by people who push my thinking constantly. Being given ownership of products is an experience that is both exciting and challenging at the same time. It is quite inspiring to be surrounded by experts who share the same drive and passion for the product - XVigil and CloudSEK. The non-hierarchical structure of the organisation that allows everyone to thrive is a bonus."

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