My Career in AI Allows Me to Explore the Magic of Intelligent Machines

Shreyash Rawat, Cloudsek
Since my work is solution based and not task based, I have the freedom to be creative, to embrace failures, and to celebrate the wins.

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AI-driven machines that have the power of decision making are nothing short of magic and that’s what attracted me to the field. It was in the 2nd year of my engineering degree at Vellore Institute of Technology when I started delving deeper into automation and Artificial Intelligence, and was immediately struck by how much it can improve our lives.

Given that human decisions are often driven by our biases and our experiences, combined with the fact that we have limited mental and physical bandwidth, I believe we can employ machines to overcome these human weaknesses. This prompted my interest in automating machines to perform repetitive tasks and make better decisions. To get some real-world experience in AI innovation, I started interning from my 3rd semester onwards and have completed over 8 internships in the field. It was during this time that I heard about CloudSek and how they were using AI and ML to address cybersecurity challenges.

I was initially selected for an internship at CloudSEK in Feb 2020. However, due to the pandemic, my offer was put on hold. I continued to stay in touch with the HR and CloudSEK’s AI team, about potential openings. I interviewed again in October 2020 through CloudSEK’s Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program, and was selected again. Since I joined during the lockdown, I interacted only with a handful of my team members for the first couple of months. But now that we’re back in office, I’m enjoying the complete CloudSEK experience. I thoroughly enjoy being part of a purpose-driven group of passionate people who are trying things that no one has done before. 

As an Artificial Intelligence Engineer at CloudSEK, I get to explore my child-like fascination for AI on a daily basis. I usually start my day with a walk, followed by reading, before I get started on work. Most of my workday is spent in researching and experimenting with possible solutions and innovations to an AI problem that we’re trying to solve at that moment. Since my work is solution based and not task based, I have the freedom to be creative, to embrace failures, and to celebrate the wins.

In between work and team calls I try to squeeze in a table tennis match or two. I like to keep my workday consistent and time bound. This prevents the much-dreaded mental fatigue that makes one less effective and helps me stay focussed when I’m working.

Apart from work, I stay updated on developments and challenges in the field by reading AI and ML related newsletters and blogs. My weekends are rather old-school, wherein I avoid screens as much as possible, and spend my time reading, going on long walks, listening to music, and playing sports.”

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