Being a Security Analyst: At the Intersection of Research and Client Engagement

Charlton Rodriguez
“At CloudSEK, I have witnessed innovation driven by exchanging ideas, which is exceptional” - Charlton Rodrigues

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“Prior to joining CloudSEK, I worked as a VoIP Engineer for Goldman Sachs and Innovatia, alternatively. Throughout my professional life, I have specialized in technology and client engagement. However, a year into my career, I was exposed to cybersecurity. Its scope across industry verticals and the growing significance of cybersecurity piqued my interest in the field.

I discovered CloudSEK on LinkedIn and learned that the young startup employed cutting edge technologies to resolve cybersecurity issues that clients faced. I was super excited to learn more about these technologies and solutions as well as to contribute to it. Even among all the leading AI/ ML cybersecurity companies and startups, I found CloudSEK to be unique and to have a very provoking backstory. This compelled me to join Rahul and his team.

For over two years now, I have been a part of CloudSEK’s POC team under the leadership of Nivya and we work very closely with potential clients. My role as a Security Analyst is at the intersection of research and client engagement, where I alert potential clients about security incidents. The most satisfying, albeit challenging part of this role is when I’m able to uncover a great finding and present it to the client.

Stumbling upon such sensitive data in itself is quite exhilarating. But at CloudSEK, I have also witnessed change/ innovation driven by simply exchanging ideas, which is exceptional. It is unlike anything I have experienced in the past. Apart from reading on security news and various concepts, we usually have internal meetups and brainstorming sessions to discuss interesting topics that keep me up to date with industry trends and developments. ”

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