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The leading AI-powered Digital Risk Monitoring platform that detects third party data leaks instantly from Surface, Deep and dark web.

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XVigil Dashboard

Unified Digital Risk Protection

All Assets can be identified, tracked, and managed in one place, easily and efficiently

Non Intrusive platform

No Access to client's critical Infrastructure or Information needed for functioning.

Actionable Intelligence

Specific, and Actionable intelligence saves time and maximizes security resource performance.

Real-time Risk Alerts

Keeping you focused on where your attention is most needed by sending timely high risk alerts

Exposure & Asset Inventory

Discover everything faster in single place.

XVigil spans the internet to actively detect external threats as regards your organization, classify them based on their severity, and provide real-time alerts., all in at one single place.

Get Alerted
when you should be

XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers.


Respond to Actionable intelligence about your organisation

Timely and Hasslefree

Threats related to your organisations are shown as soon as we discover
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No longer the Castle and Mot style Protection

Traditional security approaches focus on establishing a perimeter around a corporate network — a castle-and-moat approach also known as “perimeter security”— to protect data from malicious attacks. This approach is based on the premise that all enterprise users, digital assets, data, and applications reside on internal corporate networks. And to protect that data, i.e., “castle,” you build “moats,” i.e., security solutions inside the corporate network. Hence, solutions such as Antivirus and Firewalls exist to protect this perimeter.
Castle and mot Cybersec

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Exceptional tool that guarantees an enhanced security framework. Xvigil makes the unknown

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End to end threat management platform: from identification to analysis and tracking

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Chief Info Security Officer

Finance Industry

Reasonably-priced product, accessible and cooperative support system

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Finance Industry

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