CloudSek is an artificial intelligence technology-based risk management enterprise, which focuses on customized, intelligent security monitors.

CloudSek's SaaS-based products help a client, assess security real-time from the perspective of an attacker 24x7. Our monitors track our client's various Internet-based resources for potential security risks. Instead of using traditional static threat detection engines and manual verification process our monitors use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify threats.

CloudSek’s product "CloudMon" is the result of 2 years of extensive research and development. CloudSek’s Artificial Intelligence Technology collects raw data from internet exposed applications. The meta-data collected is matched against threat feeds from X-Vigil for identifying critical security issues.

Use Cases

CloudMon for Information Security

  • Identify fake domains and phishing pages.

Customers can track multiple domains or IP address. When a keyword is matched associated to a malicious infrastructure an alert is raised.

CloudMon for Application Security

  • Identify misconfigured subdomains and IP address.
  • Monitor multiple subdomains for data leakage.
  • Identify third party software used and security issues related to it.