Gain visibility into the
unknowns with XVigil

Unified Digital Risk Protection platform that apprehends threats posed on the surface web, deep web, and dark web including brand intelligence, and attack surface monitoring.

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Actionable Intelligence

Specific, and Actionable intelligence saves time and maximizes security resource performance.

Non Intrusive platform

No Access to client's critical Infrastructure or Information.

No touch and flash deployment

A True SaaS platform, can go live within hours, delivering value from Day 1.

Cyberthreats Monitoring

Cyber Threat monitoring includes monitoring of surface web, dark web for credential disclosure, data leaks, Card leaks, frauds, Scams and more.

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Brand Threat Monitoring

Continual brand scan helps to combat fake brand pages, rogue applications and impersonated domains that could harm the organization's brand image.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitors internet exposed infrastructure, such as webapps, curation of assets-inventory along with monitoring of misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.

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Easy Deployment

No lengthy installation. Quick online account set-up process.


Cumbersome servers begone. Browser, web link and go.

Non-invasive technology

Access to your confidential information is not required.

Customised Scanning

Update the assets you want to monitor at any time.

Proprietary ThreatMeter

Accurate, real-time threat detection, rating, and prioritization.

Unified Risk Monitoring

Integrate with pre-existing issue trackers and centrally monitor all digital risks.

End-to-End Monitoring

Coverage across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.

Getting started with XVigil is easier

Don’t just react to cyber-attacks; anticipate and mitigate.
While you’re building defenses against known threats, there are newer, more sophisticated ones being directed at you. With XVigil’s focused, near real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and actionable insights, you can be vigilant and stay secure.

ClodusEK support

Support services complementing XVigil platform

We offer client-centric, data-driven platform support services, delivered through innovative digital capabilities and deep product expertise.
CloudSEK’s crafted support packages deliver higher availability, reduced operational complexity, and improves value realization for organizations of all sizes.

Timely, Actionable and Targeted 

Threat Intelligence at your fingertips

End-to-End Monitoring

Coverage across millions of surface, dark and deep webs sources.

Non Intrusive

Access to your confidential information is not required for the platform to work.


Scalable and customizable to the maximum extend with easy and integrations

Unified Risk Platform

Integrate with pre-existing issue trackers and centrally monitor all digital risks.

SaaS based

CloudSEK products are all SaaS-based. Browser, web link, go.

Unmatched support

Supporting you to the moon. Our white-glove service is praised by the Industry's best.


Discover everything faster in single place.

XVigil spans the internet to actively detect external threats as regards your organization, classify them based on their severity, and provide real-time alerts., all in at one single place.

Monitor your Assets
fast and Easy

Digital Risk Protection system defends against malicious threats easily.

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Asset Discovery

XVigil automatically discovers your 
assets and add them to the dashboard. This process is non-intrusive


Actionable and specific alerts

Actionable and specific alerts 
are sent to the inbox


Get Alerted
when you should be

XVigil is powered by CloudSEK’s proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithm that allows it to provide specific, actionable, and timely intelligence/ warnings to the customers.


Respond to Actionable intelligence about your organisation

Timely and Hasslefree

Threats related to your organisations are shown as soon as we discover
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Exceptional tool that guarantees an enhanced security framework. Xvigil makes the unknown

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Head Information Security

Services Industry

End to end threat management platform: from identification to analysis and tracking

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Chief Info Security Officer

Finance Industry

Reasonably-priced product, accessible and cooperative support system

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Associate VP CyberSecurity

Finance Industry

Start, Integrate
and relax

Integrate XVigil with incident management, ticketing, SIEM, SOAR and apps via APIs, Syslogs, STIX, TAXII feeds.

Leverage the Extensive
partner network

Leverage our 100+ strong global partner network to integrate and secure your digital assets. 

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