Have you secured your remote workforce?

With more organizations adopting remote work, we have witnessed an 8-fold increase in cyber attacks, globally. Relaxed security controls to support remote work, unsecured home WiFi networks, dependence on conferencing platforms, and the deluge of COVID-related scams have made it easier for threat actors to target organizations.

Why should you ramp up your cybersecurity efforts?

Owing to the widespread impact of Coronavirus, remote work has become the new normal. However, the use of home WiFi networks, personal computers, and collaboration platforms has given threat actors a larger attack surface.

  • Third-Party Leaks

    Misconfigurations in your vendor’s network could increase the chances of data leakage.

  • Source Codes

    Remote teams, collaborating on code repositories such as GitHub, increase the risk of exposing your source codes.

  • Credentials

    Unsecured home networks make it easier for attackers to steal your employees’ credentials, and sell them on the dark web.

  • Confidential Data

    With increasing COVID-themed malware and ransomware attacks, your confidential data could be exfiltrated to be sold on the dark web.

How can CloudSEK help?

CloudSEK’s ‘XVigil’ is an AI-powered SaaS-based platform that provides specific, actionable, and timely warnings that help you intervene and take swift action, thus preventing costly breaches and losses.

By deploying comprehensive security scans and monitors, XVigil gives you unified supervision, of credential disclosures and data leaks, across the surface web, deep web, and dark web.

  • Source code leak Monitor

    XVigil monitors code sharing services, to detect

    repositories and code files, that expose sensitive

    information related to your organization.

  • Confidential Data Leak Monitor

    XVigil alerts you of leaked emails, SMSs and

    other PII data.

  • Dark web monitor

    XVigil identifies your user credentials in leaked

    databases and dumps.

  • Infrastructure monitor

    XVigil identifies vulnerabilities in your

    internet facing web apps, SSL certificates,

    and open ports.

30 minutes deployment
Remote Set-up
Its all remote

Act now to secure your remote workforce

COVID related Threat Intelligence

CloudSEK researchers are tracking and monitoring the latest COVID-themed cyber threats across the world. For the latest updates follow our Threat Intelligence feed.

APT group Gamaredon adopts COVID-19 lures to spread malware

Gamaredon drops emails with malicious attachments that inject malicious macros codes, evades detection. Some of these emails use COVID-19 lures as well.

Syrian nation-state actor uses COVID lures to spread malware

A campaign that has been active since January 2018, recently released 71 apps that carried malware, takes advantage of the panic caused by the pandemic.

Exposed JIRA service desks grant access to organizations’ internal operations

Internal ticketing tool Atlassian JIRA’s unsecured service desks were publicly exposed, allowing attackers to raise internal tickets for multiple departments.