Cloud-AI – An Artificial Intelligence on the Cloud

In 2015 we started on a mission to build an Artificial Intelligence system that can interact with the web like an intelligent human being. We did a demo of our first prototype in March 2016 at NullCon conference. Today we would like to share with you few breakthroughs we have made in this research. Also, we are open-sourcing certain modules part of our use case.

CloudSek’s Cloud-AI:

Humans know how to interact with a website or mobile application based on our past learning, together with some feedback from visual aids. We identify a clickable button based on a “label” or shape or even the size and color of objects. Current computer systems do not carry their experience along with them to new tasks. This is the challenge we are solving at CloudSek. We are building ¬†Artificial Intelligence agents that can navigate the Internet like an Intelligent human being leveraging past experiences.

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