Looking a decade Ahead: Big Data, Drones and Cyber Security

How about a Drone that can fly around capture faces in a crowd/audience and Identify them. Later search their info on SurfaceWeb/ Dark Web to see anything related to them has been leaked.  Last week at CoCon cybersecurity conference, we demonstrated this simple yet amazing POC. CoCon is the 11th edition of the Annual cybersecurity conference in Kochi.

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Modern Platforms To Improve And Secure Digital Businesses

Security threats, data leakage risks, increasing workloads and many such challenges are evolving, demanding real-time actions from enterprises to prevent massive business losses in terms of money and customers.

e-Commerce platforms were the early adopters of AI-powered solutions, using these for better recommendations, virtual trial rooms, flexible search options and so on improving overall customer experience. Now most enterprises can improve internal productivity and transparency towards customer communication with advanced communication platforms.

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“A Breach Directly Affects The Brand Name”

Indian banks and enterprises are on a mission to strengthen their security
systems against the ever-evolving cyber threats. Sourabh Issar, chief executive
officer, CloudSek Information Security Pvt Ltd, tells Paromik Chakraborty of
Electronics For You how digital solutions ensure a safe.

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This startup is the go-to option for all those companies concerned about the security of their data on the cloud.

CTO & Founder – Mr. Rahul Sasi

Recently, there have been a lot of instances of data leak in the country, be it the PNB data breach, concerns about private data leak through Facebook, etc. All of this and much more, are again reiterating the importance of having a secure and robust monitor for a company’s data that is stored in the cloud. Any tampering with these data does not only affect the individual at a micro level but also hampers the image of the company that was built over the years. Hence, we can never emphasize enough on the importance of secure cloud data.

CloudSEK is one such startup that specializes in AI-based risk assessment. CloudSEK is an artificial intelligence technology platform focused on Cyber Security. The products build on top of CloudSEK technology platform helps clients assess security real-time from the perspective of an attacker. It collects both behavioral and technical threat indicators that affect business; provides strategic and tactical solutions to security challenges faced by organizations globally; and gives real-time security assessment using AI agents.


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