Looking a decade Ahead: Big Data, Drones and Cyber Security

How about a Drone that can fly around capture faces in a crowd/audience and Identify them. Later search their info on SurfaceWeb/ Dark Web to see anything related to them has been leaked.  Last week at CoCon cybersecurity conference, we demonstrated this simple yet amazing POC. CoCon is the 11th edition of the Annual cybersecurity conference in Kochi.

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Press Release PNB Bank CC breach.

About DarkWeb.
Dark Web is an unexplored portion of the internet which are not generally found on google searches. The Dark Web hosts many underground services such as Hacking as a Service, insider information for sale, sensitive account information like Bank Credentials and much more.More often, these data are sold via Darknet Markets. It is similar to the services provided by Amazon or Flipkart on the surface web; except they sell illegal product/services. Unlike Flipkart and Amazon, anyone on the Darkweb can make any claims, advertisements, and that need not be true.

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CloudSek’s Cloud-AI first of its kind AI system

Humans know how to interact with a website or mobile application based on our past learning, together with some feedback from visual aids. Current computer systems do not carry their experience along with them to new tasks. This is the challenge we are solving at CloudSek. We are building  Artificial Intelligence agents that can navigate the Internet like an Intelligent human being leveraging past experiences.