Our Principles

Explore 15 Working principles CloudSters Follow.

The whole idea of founding CloudSEK was to build a world-class team and product, make an impact, and inspire the world.

  1. Organizational Principles
  2. Hiring Principles.
  3. Design Principles

Organizational Principles

“A strong culture acts as both a magnet and repellant “.

  1. Be Honest: This is something we follow at CloudSEK- Right from revenue numbers to financial status to roadblocks- all info will be transparent to team members.
  2. Experiment: Right from process to technology-  “Don’t be afraid to try out new things” –  If we are not experimenting enough- we would never discover anything new. Our “Earn While you Learn” was successful.
  3. Believe and Create value out of nothing. : Be creative. Great people can create value out of nothing. All we need to do is believe, put things together patiently and demonstrate wonders.
  4. Be obsessively curious. : Be passionately curious.  Question everything. Never stop learning.
  5. Take care of our Team and Customers.  :The ultimate goal for CloudSEK is to get a 5-star rating from both our customers and employees. Happy customers and happy team members are all we need to thrive for.
  6. Ensure we are a team of “A” Players.: We follow a decentralized strategy. A centralized strategy is when the management decides how and what things should be mostly by policies. This is mostly used by large companies. This is needed and used when the long term vision is not clear to the entire team. At CloudSEK- tasks/decisions mostly don’t flow from the top, rather on the edges, our team members must be clear about the company’s visions and decide how and what they wanted to do and execute it. This is a more efficient decision-making process. A fully decentralized system requires every node to be an A grade player.
  7. Be Consistent: You need the luck to be successful. But luck only favours you if you are consistent in your efforts to reach our goals.
  8.  Always give back to the community : We should do anything and everything that can contribute to the communities around us. Our Earn while you learn Smile While you learn are great examples. CloudSEK Meetups, the different blogs, and talks and other research contents are making public are all great examples.
  9.  Stand with everything that is important to our customers : Always stands for those that are important to our customers. When we do People will have an emotional connection with our brand.

Hiring Principles

Hiring is the most difficult task for any company. The more dedicated and invested we are into hiring- the easier our journey would be. We should always try to create a great experience for the candidates as well as the interviewer.

 Here are the guidelines we strictly follow to identify technically qualified, committed and passionate individuals.


  1. Hire Smart people 
  2. Hire people if and only if they are smarter than you. : “Hire people whom you perceive to be smarter than you or will eventually be smarter than you. “ Every hiring manager will have to justify- why a candidate is smarter than him/her or how a candidate in a short span will become smarter.  Smartness can be –  “technical, logical and technological in nature”
  3. Hire “people passionate about a task ” – ”not a position”  : Hire people passionate about a particular task. Understand a candidate’s personal goal. Evaluate how CloudSEK would be able to fulfill a candidate’s personal goal while working for CloudSEK.  This way an individual is trying to excel in their career parallelly contributing to the company’s success. Hence the candidate’s personal goal is aligned to the company’s goal.
  4. Hire team players and those who complement your skillset: Focus on hiring the right personality fit and those who complement a skill deficiency of a team.

Design Principles

  1. Design, User Experience, and Quality Matters: Figure out a way to provide people with a great experience.
  2. Focus on value creation: Everything we do – constantly debate about the value we are creating. We need to obsess over what value our customers will get.